Briouates aux amandes – Toute la cuisine que j’aime

Briouates aux amandes – Toute la cuisine que j’aime

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Delicate little almond triangles to please my little tribe. Commonly called briouates, these little sweets with a refined, melting and almond-rich stuffing are sips of honey to the delight of our taste buds. Exquisite, irresistible, in festive attire when sprinkled with roasted almonds, sesame seeds and toasted slivered almonds! These essential briouates are very popular in Morocco in the same way as honey cakes chebakia, especially during this period of Ramadan. Sometimes I make a mixture of peanuts and roasted almonds for an even better taste but today I prepared them with exclusively almonds👌For this recipe, I used a honey of flowers, not the syrup of glucose and that makes all the difference. The recipe is easy to make; it seems long simply because I detailed it to the maximum to guarantee you a good result. Who loves these little briouates with a crunchy, crispy envelope that traps a tasty stuffing to perfection?


Ingredients :

  • Provide 2 packets of brick sheets

For the marzipan :

  • 250g shelled almonds (skinless), fried, barely golden
  • 250 d shelled almonds
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 100 g unsalted butter
  • a pinch of small grains of gum arabic
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tea glass of orange blossom water (“kass 3anba”, a glass of capacity = approximately 170 ml, put half!)

Decoration :

  • A few blanched almonds, fried and finely crushed (in a chopper)
  • A few flaked almonds crushed with your fingers
  • A few sesame seeds lightly toasted in a dry pan
  • a small ramekin with orange blossom water for shaping.
  • Provide 2 kilos of honey, the first price is very suitable.
  • frying oil

Preparation :

  • Start by poaching the almonds: in a saucepan, pour the 500 g of almonds as well as a few additional almonds (about a small handful) for the final decoration of our briouates. Cover with cold water and let boil for a few minutes. With a fork, seize an almond and peel it between your fingers. If the skin comes off easily, turn off the heat and drain your almonds.
  • Peel all the almonds. Rinse them in a large bowl of water. Drain them.
  • Dry the almonds on a clean towel.
  • Weigh 250 g of poached almonds that we are going to fry. Weigh 250 g of almonds separately, keeping them white, just poached.
  • Take a medium frying pan, pour frying oil into it. Dip the 250 g of almonds plus the small handful of almonds for decoration in cold oil then start cooking on medium heat. As soon as the oil boils, stir constantly with a wooden spoon.
  • The almonds will cook through and become crunchy. They must be removed from the oil as soon as they start to have a pretty, very light brown color. They should barely brown and above all not be too dark otherwise the stuffing will have an unpleasant bitter aftertaste in the mouth. Tell yourself that you have to take them out of the very hot oil fairly quickly with a large slotted spoon as soon as they start to be evenly colored because even off the heat, if they drag on the pan for a long time, they continue to brown and the result we are looking for is a golden color, especially not brown. I insist because the success of these briouates depends on it. Almond paste being the main part of this recipe.
  • Place the roasted almonds, draining them with a large slotted spoon, directly on absorbent paper.
  • Weigh 250 g of fried almonds. Place them in the bowl of the mincer or mixer with the 250 g of unroasted almonds, the sugar if it is a large bowl (type bowl of the thermomix) otherwise go in small quantities each time. Chop all the almonds with the sugar until you get a very fine crushed mixture. Pour everything into a large bowl.
  • Chop the small amount of almonds for decoration quite finely (see photos) and set aside.
  • Go back to the 500 g of chopped almonds with the sugar. Add the cinnamon and the small grains of powdered gum arabic with a small piece of sugar to facilitate this operation. Note that gum arabic is an excellent flavor enhancer that will reveal the natural taste of almonds and sublimate it. It brings a taste, a fragrant flavor to the marzipan. But if you don’t have any in your cupboards, that’s okay.
  • Flavor with cinnamon powder.
  • Incorporate the melted or very very soft butter.
  • Sprinkle everything with orange blossom.
  • By hand, mix everything well, mixing with the palms of your hands. The mixture must be homogeneous. The stuffing is ready, it smells terribly good and almost makes you want to eat it as it is.
  • Dip your fingers in orange blossom water each time to shape small balls of marzipan that you roll between the palms of your hands. Form small balls of about 13 to 14 g. They must be regular, of the same size. No need to weigh them all, it would be tedious. You can weigh just the first dumpling. Then you have to finish making them by eye.
  • Cut long ribbons from a pastry sheet 5 cm wide. Use a cut ribbon as a template to cut other ribbons from other brick sheets. Protect them between two sheets of parchment paper that protect the sheets of bricks.
  • Oil your work surface to soften the ribbons of pastry sheets. To go faster, place several ribbons, one next to the other.
  • Place a ball of almond paste at the bottom of each ribbon.
  • Fold in the form of a triangle by rolling the ball of marzipan from left to right, gently flattening the ball with your finger on the second folding so as to distribute the marzipan evenly in the triangle and even fill the corners but make a fold tightly to trap the stuffing well.
  • Insert the end of the pastry sheet ribbon into the fold of the triangle and stick it with egg yolk to prevent the triangles from unraveling in the hot oil. The stuffing could escape and dirty the oil.
  • Before starting the frying step, prepare the honey that will accommodate the hot briouates. To do this, pour a kilo of honey into a large saucepan. Fill a large, deep skillet with frying oil. Heat the oil without reaching the point of smoke otherwise the triangles of brick will take on too brown a color very quickly and the result will not be great. Immediately prepare a colander bowl, made of steel if possible, placed on a larger plate to collect the honey when the cakes are ready to drain.
  • Fry the small triangles or briouates stuffed with almonds in a bath of hot oil and brown them on both sides. This point is as important as the preparation of the almonds when frying. The small triangles must be turned over as soon as they are colored on one side. If they color very quickly, lower the heat a little, but the heat should not be low either, so medium heat is fine. They must be taken out of the oil as soon as they are colored with a light color, not too dark because once immersed in the honey, their color will darken. There is a fair balance to respect, neither too white, too light, nor too dark.
  • Take them out with a large slotted spoon, drain them and immediately dip them in the honey. Leave them dipped in honey.
  • Finish cooking all the triangles, turning them often with the slotted spoon and fork. Stay close to the pan to closely monitor this delicate frying step.
  • Note that it happens that a fairly thick foam or foam covers the briouates, this is due to the presence of the egg. Do not panic and if it is really very embarrassing, remove it from the surface with a tablespoon and place it in a small saucepan. It’s sometimes embarrassing but with the slotted spoon you can easily turn the small triangles and by turning them over you can judge the right color to remove them in time.
  • Once nicely browned on both sides, remove them very quickly with a slotted spoon, draining them and dipping them in the honey. Add other triangles to fry. Pour over the triangles taken out of the frying more honey to cover them well (I poured the second kilo of honey). No need to manipulate them. Honey covers them.
  • You have to leave them as long as possible in the honey so that they soak up the honey, but about ten minutes is already good.
  • Drain the almond triangles by placing them one after the other at the beginning, using a fork, in the colander bowl. Then you can go with a strainer spoon, drain and place in the strainer which itself is placed on a plate to collect the honey that flows. We don’t throw anything away! The used honey will then be returned to its jar and used to prepare other honey delicacies. Similarly, the oil used will be filtered and then poured into a glass bottle (use a funnel and a small strainer). This oil will be reused for other briouates or other.
  • Go to decoration : seize between the thumb and the index finger a triangle with almonds in the middle and dip the three angles in the crushed almonds, others in the toasted sesame seeds and others will be decorated with crushed slivered almonds by crushing them delicately between the fingers while scattering them over the triangles. So that the slivered almonds hold, quickly dip the side to be decorated in honey.
  • Present the decorated triangles on a beautiful serving plate, otherwise store them in a large airtight box covered with parchment paper.

These little almond triangles are terribly good! The envelope is crispy, the very tasty stuffing is slightly crunchy and above all melts in the mouth and well flavored.

*** If you test my recipe, leave me a comment here, under this article, it will make me happy and will be useful to other gourmets wishing to test. Thank you for reading me, looking forward to meeting you with other delights.

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