Carrot Hummus |  Assia delicacy

Carrot Hummus | Assia delicacy

1- Morgane from the Glutons blog with her Chickpea Chakchouka

2- Catalina from Cata’s Blog with her Socca with olives and feta

3- Michelle from the pleasuresdelamaison blog with her Meatballs with tomato sauce and chickpeas

4- Natly from the voozenoo Kitchen blog with her Provençale Chickpeas

5- Viviane from the blog Quoi qu’on mange avec sa Summer salad with chickpeas and farm vegetables

6- Assia from the blog Gourmandise assia with her Carrot Hummus

7- Delphine from the Oh la gourmande blog with her Chicken drumsticks with chickpeas

8- Soulef from the Amour de cuisine blog with sound Chickpea chocolate cake

9- Jackie from the blog Jackie cooks with her Spanish Chickpeas

10- Hélène from the blog Keskonmange mom with her Balilah, Chickpea salad

11- Regis of the blog The best recipes with his Chickpea and feta salad

12- Samar from the blog My culinary inspirations with his Chana Massala, chickpea curry

13- Josette from the blog La cuisine de Josette with her Brazilian Chickpea Salad

14- Ewa from the blog Les Horizons d’Ewa with her Chickpea cappuccino with cumin

15- Charlotte from the blog Recipes for getting by with her Chickpea pancakes

16- Irisa from the Kitchen and colors blog with her Chickpea and tuna salad from chef Jean François Piège

17- Mascha from the blog La cuisine de Mascha with its Falafel waffles

18- Marion from the blog Cuisine chez la marmotte with her Chickpea buns

19- Amélie from the blog Cooking for my family with her Chakchouka with peppers, eggs and chickpeas

20- Mamounette from the Bon Ap’ Mamounette blog with her Chickpeas and coconuts from Paimpol with chorizo ​​and chicken from the farm

21- Michèle from the Croquant Fondant Gourmand blog with her Chickpea curry with vegetables

Here is the list of previous godmothers with the themes they proposed:

Round #01: Orange, chosen by Soulef and Samar,

Round #02: The almond, chosen by Assia,

Round #03: Coconut milk, chosen by Delphine,

Round #04: The pineapple, chosen by Christelle,

Round #05: Honey, chosen by Isabelle,

Round #06: The strawberry, chosen by Sarah,

Round #07: The cherry, chosen by Françoise,

Round #08: Chocolate, chosen by Marie,

Round #09: The tomato, chosen by Virginie,

Round #10: Zucchini, chosen by Christelle,

Round #11: The pumpkin, chosen by Rosa,

Round #12: The pear, chosen by Michèle,

Round #13: The banana, chosen by Sylviane,

Round #14: Vanilla, chosen by Hélène,

Round #15: The fish, chosen by Patricia,

Round #16: Lemon, chosen by Salima,

Round #17: Camembert, chosen by Christelle,

Round #18: Beets, chosen by Gabrielle,

Round #19: Sesame seeds, chosen by Soulef,

Round #20: Mint, chosen by Samar,

Round #21: Shrimp, chosen by Coco,

Round #22: The apple, chosen by Nathalie,

Round #23: The chestnut, chosen by Sylvie.

Round #24: Cinnamon, chosen by Florence.

Round #25: Citrus fruits, chosen by Jackie,

Round #26: The Carrot, chosen by Samia,

Round #27: The Mango, chosen by Brigitte,

Round #28: Rice, chosen by Julie,

Round #29: Rhubarb, chosen by Marion,

Round #30: Apricot, chosen by Soulef,

Round #31: Fishing, chosen by Samar,

Round #32: Soy, chosen by Aurélie,

Round #33: Mushrooms, chosen by Martine,

Round #34: Condensed milk, chosen by Marie-Christine,

Round #35: Oregano, chosen by Zika,

Round #36: Raisins, chosen by Soulef,

Round #37: Oat flakes, chosen by Cécile,

Round #38: Lentils, chosen by Séverine,

Round #39: Aromatic herbs, chosen by Émeline,

Round #41: The melon, chosen by Samar,

Round #42: Corn, chosen by Soulef,

Round #43: The leek, chosen by lhem,

Round #44: Kale, chosen by Colinette,

Round #45: The peanut, chosen by Sofia,

Round #46: Nuts, chosen by Élodie,

Round #47: Brown sugar, chosen by Assia,

Round #48: Cottage cheese, chosen by Lic,

Round #49: Pasta, chosen by Natalia

Round #50: Red fruits, chosen by Meriem,

Round #51: Polka dots, chosen by Soulef.

Round #52: Eggplant, chosen by Samar,

Round #53: The pepper, chosen by Catalina,

Round #54: Curry, chosen by Virginie,

Round #55: Coffee, chosen by Lina,

Round #56: The sweet potato, chosen by Loubna,

Round #57: Salmon, chosen by Chantal,

Round #58: Dates, chosen by Marion,

Round #59: Pepper, chosen by Valérie,

Round #60: Feta, chosen by Gourmand and organic,

Round #61: Buckwheat, chosen by Viviane,,

Round #62: Paprika, chosen by La cuisine de Poupoule,

Round #63: Radishes, chosen by Vanessa,

Round #64: Mascarpone, chosen by Samar,

Round #65: Lavender, chosen by Soulef,

Round #66: Zucchini chosen by Cindy,

Round #67: The prunes chosen by Michelle,

Round #68: The polenta chosen by Michèle,

Round #69: The exotic fruits chosen by Yolande,

Round #70: Cauliflower by Salima,

Round #71: Forgotten vegetables chosen by Amélie,

Round #72: The Poppy chosen by Delphine,

Round #73: Quinoa chosen by Charlotte,

Round #74: Ginger chosen by Christine,

Round #75: The milk chosen by Martine,

Round #76: The goat cheese chosen by Fabienne,

Round #77: The Plum chosen by Silena,

Round #78: The grapes chosen by Nathalie,

Round #79: The maple syrup chosen by Hélène,

Round #80: The chestnut and chestnut chosen by Jackie,

Round #81: The egg chosen by Irisa,

Round #82: The broccoli chosen by Annyvonne,

Round #83: The clementine chosen by Karen,

Round #84: The potato chosen by Christelle.

Round #85: The Pistachio chosen by Natalia

Round #86: The raspberry chosen by Catalina.

Round #87: The white fish chosen by Pauline

Round #88: The chicken chosen by Josette

Carrot Hummus

Carrot Hummus

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