Real Marzipan or Marzipan or Marzipan

Real Marzipan or Marzipan or Marzipan

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The recipe for almond paste or marzipan is very old but until now, we do not yet really know its origins.

Others say that it comes to us from the civilization and the Persian empire, that is to say from Iran and many others say that it is mediterranean more precisely from Italy.

Whatever its origins, it is there and we take advantage of it to make and taste beautiful sweets.

This paste is made up of two essential ingredients which are ground almonds and sugar and it is very useful for pastry decoration as well as for the latter in general.

Almond paste

There are several recipes, a cold variant whose duration is short in time and that I have already offers.

We also have a hot paste which keeps longer and tastes better since all the flavors of the almond develop during cooking and we obtain a more malleable to work.

It was time to deliver the second which is my favorite and that I use most often in my baking.

I don’t advise you to flavor the dough with other flavors, just accentuate the flavor with the bitter almond flavor and nothing more.

The other flavors come with the filling used and associated with the dough.

I posted videos to follow the steps of making this marzipan on FB and on Insta…

  Almond paste or Marzipan

Ingredients for 640g of marzipan:

The sirup :

100g water

200g sugar

25g glucose

200 g finely ground homemade almond powder

220g icing sugar

Bitter almond essence

Preparation of Marzipan

Preparation :


In a saucepan, combine the water, sugar, glucose and bring to a boil.

Do not stir, leave to cook until 114°C.

At this stage, we add the almond powder, we cook everything on a medium heat until the device comes off slightly from the pan. We’re going to say about 5 minutes of cooking.

Transfer the appliance into the mixer bowl and work with a sheet to cool the dough and leave it, gradually incorporating the icing sugar.

The dough should whiten and become smoother without overdrying it.

Real Marzipan or Marzipan or Marzipan

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