Smoked Salmon Appetizer Platter

You’re going to adore this stuffed smoked salmon dish with fresh veggies, creamy cheese (in this case, Labneh), and classic Mediterranean foods like capers, olives, and marinated artichokes! Serve it as an appetizer tray with your preferred crackers or pita wedges, or serve it for breakfast with bagels.

A salmon platter with smoke

Grazing boards are my preferred form of amusement. Reject that. They’re my preferred method of eating! Sharing a sizable platter of my favorite dishes with the people I care about has a special appeal.

The two excellent examples of quick, no-cook platters I frequently prepare for my family are the cheese board from earlier and the mezze platter with hummus.

And now, this smoked salmon predicament, which is excellent for brunch or as an appetizer (add a few easy-boiled eggs).

On a dish, lox, and bagels!

Because a platter is considerably sharable than a bagel, this smoked salmon platter elevates the concept of bagel and lox to a whole new level of deliciousness. (However, if you’re truly craving something that tastes more like lox and bagels, try my smoked salmon sandwich with feta and a crunchy root vegetable topping.)

The standard ingredients for a traditional lox bagel are smoked salmon (or “lox”), cream cheese (in my case, I used homemade labneh), red onions, and capers.

Then, fill the platter with sliced fresh vegetables and traditional Mediterranean foods like olives, marinated artichoke hearts, a few feta pieces, and lemon wedges. The soft-boiled eggs are a must for me if I’m serving this for brunch.

Now, whether you serve a side of bagels with this smoked salmon platter or not is entirely up to you.

A dish with eggs, labneh cheese, fresh vegetables, and smoked salmon

How can I get quality smoked salmon?

Some people are fortunate enough to smoke their own fish, but for the majority of us who will purchase it from a store, it’s crucial to carefully inspect the box.

If the salmon’s flesh has black edges or patches, don’t purchase the smoked fish. Salmon is an oily fish, so it will have some shine, but it shouldn’t appear overly slimy or greasy (this indicates that the fish hasn’t been thoroughly cured).

Additionally, examine the label carefully; you shouldn’t notice excessive amounts of added salt or sugar indicated for flavor (the smoking process already adds a lot of flavors).

How to prepare a salmon dish with smoked fish

Let me provide these instructions as a loose outline for how to put together a delicious smoked salmon platter, much like I did with my earlier cheese board. You can, however, make it your own by changing things up based on what you have on hand.

  • smoked salmon For a small group of 4–6, you’ll need roughly 12 ounces to 1 pound of high-quality smoked salmon.
  • eggs. Although it’s optional, I believe they raise this plate to the level of a standalone brunch light meal. Here, I enjoy simple boiled eggs.
  • Cheese. The obvious choice is cream cheese, but I chose labneh because it has a Mediterranean flair and might be healthier (yogurt cheese). I also included some feta cheese in the form of slabs because I love feta so much and will use it in anything. Have you seen my recipe for baked feta yet?
  • fresh vegetables I enjoy combining crisp green peppers with robust, peppery radishes and cool cucumbers and tomatoes. The vegetables are made simple to stack with the salmon on top of your preferred cracker, bagel, or other accompanying items by being thinly sliced into rounds.
  • prepared foods. Assorted olives and marinated artichoke hearts are other favorites of mine. Capers are a necessity. If you have pickled cucumbers on hand, you might also add those. If you want more marinated foods, visit the olive section of your neighborhood grocery store (roasted red peppers and pickled mushrooms are also excellent choices).
  • lemon wedges for the salmon to be squeezed over.
  • Serve with crackers or your favorite bread. Yes, if you’re serving this as brunch, you can still make bagels (or even Jerusalem bagels).
  • Garnish. Add some fresh dill, parsley, or thyme if you have any on hand!

Although there are no specific ingredient measurements, I nonetheless created the recipe below as a general outline. If you’re feeding more, you can double or triple the recipe’s serving size, which will serve 4 to 6 people.

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