Yaourt Maison sans Yaourtière | Gourmandise Assia

Yaourt Maison sans Yaourtière | Gourmandise Assia

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I suggest you make your yogurt easily and without a yogurt maker. I admit that since I made this yoghurt, I put away my multi-delight and I only take it out for other preparations.

A successful yogurt that saves us energy and money and above all the advantage is to know what it contains.

A guarantee of quality products provided you choose the right ingredients, a good taste of yoghurt, enough to enjoy at a lower cost and fully.

Homemade Yogurt without Yogurt Maker

Homemade yogurt

You can flavor them according to your desires and tastes. Let’s agree, a yogurt is not a panna cotta where you have to have a very firm texture, a yogurt is creamy and above all tasty.

I also tried it with semi-skimmed milk and without a casserole. Just cover the jars or glasses simply with cling film, a clean cloth and leave overnight on the work surface or in an oven turned off…

You can consult other recipes, the sweetened condensed milk yoghurt with multidelight HERE and the homemade tonka bean yoghurt HERE

Homemade Yogurt without Yogurt Maker

Ingredients for 8 jars or less depending on size:

1 liter of organic whole milk

Sugar according to your desires but I advise you to sweeten them slightly or add just 1 spoon of honey.

120 g homemade yogurt

2 tsp natural vanilla extract or other flavors

Homemade Yogurt without Yogurt Maker

Preparation :

1- Prepare the jars and place them in an empty casserole dish. PThen bring the milk to a boil, off the heat add the sugar, mix well with the vanilla and leave to cool before incorporating the yoghurt.

2- Be careful, you must not add the yogurt to the still hot milk, the milk must be at around 50°C.

3- Distribute the device evenly in the jars, put the lids back on if you don’t have this type of jar, you can film your glasses, it also works perfectly well.

4- Pour boiling water into the bottom of the half-full pot, like a bain-marie, put the lid back on and leave for at least 10 hours on the work surface overnight or in an oven preheat to 30-40°C then turn off.

5- The next day take out the jars, wipe them with a clean cloth and keep them tightly closed in the cold for about 5-6 hours for a good grip. Garnishedr with fruit at the time of tasting it is always pleasant a touch of freshness.

Homemade Yogurt without Yogurt Maker

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